Our Story

It was September 9, 2015 when they met on WashU’s campus. Moon had called Jason 30 minutes prior to meeting to say she was at the business school, and her phone was about to die. That began an extensive search for Moon, and marked the beginning of something special.

That special something continued after several dates, trips out East to Chicago, and trips out West to Hermann, MO. Being at ease with one another was a refreshing feeling for the two; comfort allowed growth and an unwavering bond to form between the them. Jason admired Moon’s endeavors and life goals, and she cherished his emphasis on stability in life. They confided in each other, made the other feel heard, and ultimately loved each other.

In December 2016 they embarked on a journey to get away from the cold St. Louis weather as much as possible. That included going to San Juan, and being on a Royal Caribbean cruise. San Juan was a memorable and humorous trip, as Jason was suffering from hiccups nonstop a few days prior to the trip and on the first few days in San Juan. When they got their rental car, they drove and checked in at the Ritz-Carlton hotel to drop off their luggage. It was 6pm and dinner reservation was at 7pm, but Moon was concerned and suggested that they visit a clinic first to address Jason’s hiccups. Not wanting to deviate from the plan, he insisted on having dinner first, and then go visit a clinic afterwards. Dinner was at La Perla, a wonderful seafood restaurant. Of the dinner topics discussed, they had talked early on in dinner about what they hoped to accomplish during their stay in San Juan. After they consumed the last spoonful of desert, Jason had mentioned there was one more thing that he wanted to do in San Juan. He got down on one knee and proposed, asking for Moon’s hand in marriage. It is worth noting that Jason had stopped hiccuping during this entire proposal process, but the hiccups resumed shortly after, so off they went to a hospital, where they would spend several hours waiting to discover the secret of getting rid of hiccups. Now, hiccups for Jason are no more.

Fast forward to now they are planning their wedding at Ste. Genevieve in the comforts of their new home. They are excited for what the future holds for them. Moon graduates later in May with her Masters degree in Social Work.